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Our Mission

SSV is committed to provide a stable, caring and supportive family-like environment, where students can receive mature guidance through daily interaction with able faculty and become accountable, productive, and ethical citizens with the skills to think innovatively, reason critically, communicate effectively, and respect peoples of other cultures. SSV is also eyeing upon providing such a resourceful learning environment where students can develop into “Citizens of the World”.

Our Vision

SSV CAMPUS’s vision is to create responsible global citizens, empowered with knowledge, skills and universal values, required to face the global challenges, confidently and who would contribute positively to the society.

Objectives of SSV Campus

The main aim of the SSV Campus is to impart quality education that helps in the all round development of the children. Through well-balanced, activity based curriculum, it strives:

  1. To encourage students to bring out their innate potentials.
  2. To help the students to learn to think creatively, critically and rationally so that they can solve problems independently.
  3. To help students visualizing, setting goals for themselves and to work hard achieving them.
  4. To inculcate values like spirit of humanity, co-operation, politeness, patience and tolerance.
  5. To infuse in students with self-disciplined, confidence, patience, motivation, curiosity and self-reliance.
  6. To help them understand the use of acquired knowledge, skills and attitude in real life.
  7. To become worthy members of the society with sound character.
  8. To make them aware of their responsibilities towards their environment.
  9. To inculcate the rich values of Indian culture in the students.
  10. To make the students rational so that they can determine goals, comprehend opportunities and face challenges of the competitive world.
  11. To expose our students to the latest technologies like computers that help them compete in this fast paced world.
  12. The most important objective is to make the students realise their responsibilities and rights so that they can be instrumental in the              development of the society.